Updating maps on garmin c340

by  |  07-Mar-2016 09:17

It's not just for driving, though; you can use it while hiking, camping, geocaching, orienteering and more.

Sometimes I don't realize I left the site to visit a link and close the window.

Now I have to re-open and re-navagate back to where I was.

Updating your maps periodically ensures that the directions your device gives are always accurate. Visit the "Maps" page for the Street Pilot c340 from the Garmin website.

Turn on your Street Pilot c340 and navigate to the "Map Info Page." This page will tell you the latest map installed on your device. This page is located in the resource section below.

Plus with Garmin now announcing the new HUD unit for around 130.00, it makes sense to investigate the models to get the best for your money.

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