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Melissa takes over this week’s episode of The Missfits as Stephanie steps out to attend to a prior engagement. she’s joined by Mara Wood and special guest Missfit stolen straight from the Talking Games podcast, Jacqui TThe holidays are almost in full swing and the end of the year is nigh.

The end of the year is when the internet is plagued with BEST OF lists and The Missfits most definitely don’t want to be left out of all the fun. The latest podcast is all about Marvel’s second Captain America film, The Winter Soldier.

Sorry for the delay in getting the latest episode of The Missfits to you, but fear not, it is HERE!

This week’s episode sees the WHOLE team back together: Stephanie, Mara, Melissa and newly initiated full-fledged Missfit, Maria Norris.

You’ve asked and asked and asked and we’ve always intended to deliver, but here it is: the first of (possibly many) Wonder Woman shows featuring a roundtable discussion headed up by Mara Wood, Bob Reyer and Carolyn Cocca so you just KNOW it’s going What is this? Stephanie, Mara and Melissa are joined by very special guest, Boom!

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