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Radiochemistry is the chemistry of radioactive materials, where radioactive isotopes of elements are used to study the properties and chemical reactions of non-radioactive isotopes (often within radiochemistry the absence of radioactivity leads to a substance being described as being inactive as the isotopes are stable).Much of radiochemistry deals with the use of radioactivity to study ordinary chemical reactions.This has been shown to occur using soil particles labeled with Radioactivity is present everywhere (and has been since the formation of the earth).

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In these experiments stable phosphorus is replaced by the chemical identical radioactive P-32, and the resulting radioactivity is used in analysis of the molecules and their behaviour.

Another example is the work which was done on the methylation of elements such as sulfur, selenium, tellurium and polonium by living organisms.

Alpha can be stopped quite easily by a few centimetres in air or a piece of paper and is equivalent to a helium nucleus.

Beta can be cut off by an aluminium sheet just a few millimetres thick and are electrons.

This is very different from radiation chemistry where the radiation levels are kept too low to influence the chemistry.

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