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Modern dating is one big (quoting Led Zeppelin here) communication breakdown.

But The Dating Workshop and Eastman’s other classes, including Body Language Explained and Deception Detected, are designed to help.

He shares his findings through The Nonverbal Group, the research and teaching company he founded and runs.

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But emotionally incongruent people can also come off as odd, and that can hurt them on dates. Then you can change.” It might be a creepy move to set up a video camera on a first date, but Eastman will approximate the experience for you in his workshop by filming you talking to your classmates.

So if they’re doing so many things wrong, how can discouraged daters improve their skills? After the first hour, Eastman tells his students to get up and mingle.

But when the room fills up, the crowd is about 50/50, the majority in their 20s and 30s and got tickets to the class through Groupon and Living Social.

The women have nervous eyes and adjust their tights; the men look like computer programmers with their straight backs, solemn expressions, and wire-rimmed glasses.

Love can be expressed in many different ways – words are just one of them." Max and Sophie are two years into their relationship now.

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