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This may be the most obvious (and painful) sign for parents to observe.Many young women become more self-aware when a man is suddenly in the picture.I recall a series of ups and downs, in which I felt completely inadequate as a relationship partner. He always made me believe in his intentions, before retracting his words and making me feel crazy for believing his previous sentiments would hold weight.

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No new guy, no matter how “fabulous,” should take a woman completely away from her friends and family.

2.) She’s increasingly insecure or always feels bad about herself.

But when the young woman is constantly second-guessing herself, concerned with meeting his expectations and never feels like she amounts to enough in order to please him — something is wrong.

When a relationship is healthy, petty worries and comparisons should diminish into thin air.

But by taking interest in the current state of your young adult's relationship, you may not only save her (or him) from hurt and pain in the future, but guide them to understand and appreciate their worth.

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