dating translation italian - Autocad xref not updating

by  |  30-Dec-2014 18:31

No - I'm talking about opening the drawing the next day.

It seems to save the version that was used originally or updated manually last?

The file had already been set up on another computer and i have come to updating the xrefed Architectural and the file wont update (reload the new, updated arch) Well i have gone through the suggested areas from Mike perry and no luck. It was a file from another collegue that prompted the thread and i have tried opening the files and getting it to update, no luck.

Come in today and opened another project which i am working on and now this file isn't updating ? I am not sure if there is a function as to switch on and off auto loading of the xrefs ?

The architectural does load but doesn't update, reload doesn't work. Stephen Is the XREF directed to a different folder with another file of the same name located in the same folder as the current drawing? Is it possible to post an example problem drawing file and its associated Xref files, so we may take a look at the issue / problem, first-hand ( so-to-speak ).

Have a good one, Mike Opie, Yes i have access to the xref's and you will read that i had previously detached and had to re-attached the xref. I am expecting there is some variable some where that has been chaged some how ? Regards Stephen Stephen, Two suggestions, first verify that the path is saved to the correct location of the reference file.

Make sure that they are opening files from the Project Navigator, not windows explorer.

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