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That's good, if you want to take it further, you can also add it to the Machine.config file in C:\Windows\Microsoft. NET applications, but not affect the general globalisation settings on the server. NET\Framework[framework version]\Config\Machine.config (or similar path). the browser is followed: request has fr-FR then thread is using fr-FR for both culture and UI-culture (and an en-GB request now has both culture and UI-culture of en-GB). As with the date and time format strings, the numeric formatting is culture-sensitive.

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Note the selection separator format string, which allows you to specify different formats for when a number is positive, negative, and zero. Formatting a date, time, or numeric value involves two parameters - the culture settings and a format string.

If omitted, the current culture is used and a default format string is assumed.

There are a few custom numeric format strings, which allow the page developer to define intricate formatting logic through a number of incremental rules.

The custom format strings are detailed on MSDN at Custom Numeric Format Strings.

The format string can be either a standard format string or one built from the various custom format strings.

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