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RED's Monochrome camera has similar advantages, and now ARRI has their own solution.

You do lose Pro Res recording with this new model, so it's not going to be as quick of a workflow if you're used to that, but you can either transcode the RAW to 2.8K Pro Res on the fly with the Codex Vault, or in post later with the ARRIRAW converter.

Spatial resolution, sharpness and image contrast however, are all improved over a regular color ALEXA XT.

Pro Res HD/2K and DNx HD recording is not supported in camera, but these file types can be quickly and efficiently generated off-line during ingest and archival using Codex VFS software that has been optimised for the ALEXA XT B W.

Infrared is simply the light that humans can't perceive, but can be picked up by a camera sensor if you block the visible light (which is what's happening when you're using a lot of ND filters on a color image). v=H6Wlcz Fpn FI And another shot infrared: Essentially what ARRI has done is created the ultimate monochrome camera.

It gives a really interesting look when you leave it in color, but it is more traditionally shot to be converted into black and white. Not only are the specs above and beyond what the standard ALEXA is capable of, but it's also an infrared camera at the same time.

These images appear radically different, producing white foliage, blemish-free skin, black eye pupils and moody dark skies.

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