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Крем достаточно густой, но легко распределяется по телу, достаточно жирный - но практически не образует пленку на теле.

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(after the suspicions about the site have grown.) I think that the girls ARE genuine girls but they are only paid to chat to you on the site. If you are happy with that then it is OK for you, but they really DON' T make that clear as the reason for this website. Pros: Not genuine dating and very deliberately unclear about that from the first visit. James does NOT recommend My Secret Sexcontact to friends/family It is what they say " if it seems too good yo be true, IT IS" . Give all the information you want about yourself but ask a question about them and all you get is very evasive, short answers and instead another question of you so more and more credits are used up. Cons: Everything about this site is aimed at getting money from people looking for genuine meetings to NO end.

If you want a chatting service then fine, but in a world of Whatsapp for free that would simply be crazy these prices!! Mention another form of FREE contact like social media and they avoid question or say they want o stay on the site.....paying??? Jonathan M does NOT recommend My Secret Sexcontact to friends/family Definitely a fake and I wished I had found the other reviews.

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