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Here’s how you can play it out nice: “That is a good question, let me find out for you.” “I’m not sure, but let me find out for you.” “I’m sorry, I don’t have the information on that. I will clarify this with our manager.” “I’m sorry, I don’t have the information on that. I will find this out with our accounting department and get back to you shortly.” “I’m sorry, this question would be out of my expertise, but Daniel from the tech support department will be able to help you. ” It is no secret that most customers do not enjoy being transferred.So if you have to transfer, do it only when it is absolutely necessary.

“Jerry, I am going to connect you with Steve from the shipping department.

He will be able to help you with this problem.” “Jerry, let me transfer you to the marketing department.

Professional and authentic interaction with clients goes far beyond the opportunity to make a sale.

It helps to build a lasting relationship with the customer, inspire future communication and create fans and advocates of your brand.

Quite often the service agents fall into one of the two extremes: either their greeting is too short and informal, or too long and formal, both of which betray the lack of respect and concern for the customer.

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