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Enough people wrote about and linked to Spreading Santorum that, for the past several years, it has generally stood as the top search result for both "Santorum" and "Rick Santorum." It was a classic "Google bomb," the practice by which a disparaging page gets boosted in search results to debase the targeted person's name.And there was nothing Rick Santorum could do about it—everyone who searched for him would see his name associated with anal sex.Savage has vowed to renew his own efforts in response.

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Most search engine experts will tell you that the importance of link proliferation has declined steadily over time—something Google employees will privately confirm in general terms. Traditionally, the easiest way to set a Google bomb has been to encourage supporters to link to a particular page.

With linking no longer as important, it's significantly harder to boost a page's ranking artificially.

The results generated for a particular query are supposed to be organic—the pages most relevant to you, the searcher, based on a huge variety of factors.

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